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Posted by Jackie on May 31, 2009


I’ve shown an angled shot of this walkway before, but like the symmetry of this head-on view as well. It’s the walkway from the Conference Centre station to the SECC. As one of my flickr commenters noted, it’s amazing that such an ugly structure can be so photogenic.

11 Responses to “Walkway”

  1. Tinsie said

    Very photogenic indeed! Great shot, very nicely composed and I love the colours too.

  2. Katya said

    Fabulous shot!!! The red arches and blue sky almost trick the eye into seeing lavender in there as well!!! Excellent, Jackie!!

  3. OMG ! What a beautiful view !

  4. m_m said

    Yes – I like this shot very much! God job!

  5. m_m said

    Yes – I like this shot very much! Good job!

  6. It is VERY photogenic. Why the “slow”????

  7. Bill B. said

    Great perspective.

  8. Jackie said

    Cieldequimper, I think the “Slow” is for the cyclists.

  9. Beautiful shot. I love the repeating patterns of spaces like this.

  10. Wayne said

    I think this is an outstanding image. Way to go Jackie.

  11. Ian said

    Beautiful photo and vivid colours — even if the structure is ugly.

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