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June 2009 Theme Day – Feet

Posted by Jackie on June 1, 2009


Today it’s the first of the month, which means another theme day for the City Daily Photo Blogs. This month it’s one for the fetishists – feet! This formidable foot belongs to one of the lions in front of Glasgow’s City Chambers in George Square (you can see another shot of the lion in one of my photos from last week).

In other news, I wanted to apologise for visiting so few blogs recently, particularly all those of you who are kind enough to comment here. Our home internet is down, my husband has sorted us out with a pay-as-you-go dongle (isn’t that just the best word ever?!) but I don’t want to use up all the credit, so visits will be sparse until the line has been tested and we get the broadband sorted out. I’m still posting pictures every day, and will try to visit a few blogs from work, but it will probably be a while before I’m back to normal. Sorry again, but thanks so much for your visits 🙂

For more pictures of feet from around the world: Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

15 Responses to “June 2009 Theme Day – Feet”

  1. That’s one mighty big lion! Lions adorn the front of the NY Public Library too; must be something about lions and books.

  2. Meet Lion feet! Big, stone feet! Greet Scottish feet and Glasgow feet! A George Square treat! Jolly good FEET not on the street! Regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

  3. Great shot! I like the monochromatic style. It really pops out on the CDP thumbnails.

  4. Jilly said

    Wonderful big foot and good choice for today. Sorry to read of your internet problems. Maddening I know. Hope it gets sorted soon.

  5. tapirgal said

    What strange feet for a lion, but I guessed what it was before I read your description. Nice picture! Don’t worry about a reply. I feel for you with no computer!

  6. Jen said

    Cool foot – and don’t worry about no commenting, we’ll stay faithful!

  7. I’m glad I recognised the lion! Nice shot!

  8. babooshka said

    I thought this was a sand sculpture in the portal. Very sharp. Re commenting-same here, router problems.

  9. Katya said

    Great choice for the theme! I love those lions!!!

    I go nuts when our broadband goes nuts! Glad it doesn’t happen often…Hope you get things sorted out soon, for sanity’s sake!

  10. marley said

    I agree with B, I too thought it was sand! Its a great choice for theme day.

    Don’t worry about the not visiting thing, you’ve got a Dongle!!

  11. Bill B. said

    Nice shot. How did we survive before broadband?

  12. Hilda said

    It’s a good thing his claws are not extended, that would be fearsome!

    Hope you get your connection all sorted out soon. We had to go two nights without internet and I was all shaky by the time we got home!

  13. tash said

    Most excellent FEET! Very regal.

  14. Lara said

    ha, no shoes will match these feet :)!

  15. m_m said

    Interesting and clever shot for the June Theme Day!

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