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Let Glasgow Flourish (terracotta version)

Posted by Jackie on June 6, 2009


Glasgow’s coat of arms and motto (“Let Glasgow Flourish”) is dotted all over the city in various guises, and fairly regularly makes an appearance on this blog. Today’s example is from the Doulton Fountain in yesterday’s photo – all the way round the bottom of the fountain, underneath the sculptures from the Empire, are these sculptures of St Mungo (otherwise known as St Kentigern) with the fish, tree, bell, bird and ring of the coat of arms.

9 Responses to “Let Glasgow Flourish (terracotta version)”

  1. Hilda said

    You mean there’s really a St. Mungo? And I thought that was just a J.K.Rowling creation!

    Glasgow has a very interesting coat of arms — all from nature except for the bell. I like that.

  2. Katya said

    I just love these little…ummm….what ARE they called? “Ornaments”? “Adornments”? Whatever they are, they add so much to whatever it is they are decorating.

    I like how you have “frozen” the water, adding a little action and interest! Excellent!

  3. Jacob said

    Very nice coat of arms. I like the sentiment!

  4. Great coat of arms and good to know it’s dotted everywhere!

  5. m_m said

    Interesting! Great detail!

  6. I love this beautiful fountain. The color of the stone is unique.

  7. Jen said

    Have you done a picture of the university’s coat of arms? When I took tours round the university, I used to joke that along with the fish that never swam and the bird that never flew and the tree that never grew and the bell that never rang, the book in the coat of arms was “the book that never got read”

  8. Pat said

    I love the Glasgow coat of arms. I have a magnet of it on my fridge in New York. Glasgow is just the best city. Thanks for exploring it for me until I can get back.

  9. the uniqueness of this photo is that tag line “let Glasgow flourish”

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