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Victoria Infirmary in the sun

Posted by Jackie on June 9, 2009


This picture is of the entrance to the Victoria Infirmary from a walkway in Queen’s Park. It actually looks rather nice with the blue sky – though being a hospital it’s not somewhere I’d want to spend tons of time, however nice it looked!

4 Responses to “Victoria Infirmary in the sun”

  1. Hilda said

    If I have to be hospitalized though (knock on wood!), I wouldn’t mind being confined here. Lovely building.

  2. Jacob said

    Nice-looking building for sure. I would hope it’s as nice inside as out. Fine photograph!

  3. Dianne said

    it is a lovely building
    most of the newer hospitals here look like office buildings or prisons

    I love the grounds. the fence and the trees – so pretty

  4. marley said

    Really lovely building, in a nice setting, but I’m happy to see the outside rather than the inside!

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