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Leaves and sky and moon

Posted by Jackie on June 10, 2009


I was pleased with this picture, taken a few weeks ago in Queen’s Park. Actually it reminds me of how I draw trees when I do drawings, you see every single leaf and lots of space between them. It’s nice to know that sometimes that is actually realistic rather than just me trying to be arty and making up for my lack of ability to draw things realistically!

12 Responses to “Leaves and sky and moon”

  1. Wayne said

    If I drew a tree it would be a triangle with a line coming out the bottom. Needless to say I don’t try to draw anything.

  2. PJ said

    This just proves that sometimes less is more.

  3. Beautiful composition. I loved the inclusion of the moon in it!

  4. Tinsie said

    That’s a nice shot indeed. It almost looks like a painting πŸ™‚

  5. Kia said

    What a beautiful shot! πŸ™‚ I like the moon in it.
    I’m glad I’ve found your site. I will be back every day! πŸ˜€
    Cheers from just outside Glasgow (I moved here from Italy last summer).

  6. Shaun said

    You should be pleased. It is very nice…

  7. Ian said

    Love the photo: the tree and its leaves are stunning, and the moon just makes it perfect for me.

  8. Katya said

    I love it when the moon shows itself in broad daylight!

    A very nice photo, indeed! Everything is just “perfect”!

  9. Funny how such simple things make one smile!

  10. Good composition. Re drawing, I’d just be glad if anyone could recognise what I try to draw.

  11. Jacob said

    Excellent shot…and your photograph is just as much “art” as your drawing…and neither is “reality” in that the moment you took that photo, the situation had changed and would never be the same…so you created a piece of art at that moment the same way as when you draw a tree!

    Thanks so much for your comment on Ocala DP!

  12. Lara said

    wonderful image!

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