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Posted by Jackie on June 11, 2009


This rill is in the Hidden Gardens behind the Tramway Theatre (I featured the gardens a few weeks ago).

My computer woes are ongoing, sadly, we’re still relying on the dongle at home, and yesterday just to add insult to injury my work PC died as well! (luckily for me it was resurrected by the IT dept but it was a bit worrying for a while!). Maybe we should bring back parchment and carrier pigeons! πŸ˜€

9 Responses to “Rill”

  1. Jacob said

    Very interesting photo! Sorry about your computer woes…I’ve had enough of them to empathize completely!

  2. Alec said

    It’s definitely artifical. Is it similar to a ha-ha?

    And, this is a less macabre example to use for cleaning moats.

  3. Andrew said

    Rill??? I am looking it up. Ok, I know what it is now. A nicely contained one.

  4. Hey, even here in Mumbai due to summer the PC nearly dies everyday…. 😐 The heat is just too terrible. But luckily since your PC is up… we could get to see this beautiful composition. Nicely done πŸ™‚ Great Photography!

  5. absolutely beautiful
    as for your computer woes, mine are all internet woes – i can never have a line running long enough to post a comment these dyas!

  6. Amy said

    Love the pavers under the water πŸ™‚

  7. Ian said

    As with Andrew I was unaware of the word ‘rill’: an informative as well as visually-spectacular blog! And, with amy, love the pavers and their pattern.

    And all the best with the computer issues.

  8. What, use the parchment to clean-up after the pigeons!!

  9. marley said

    I like this ribbon of water. Very still.

    Technology is good when its working!

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