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What does home mean to you?

Posted by Jackie on June 16, 2009


Today’s blog post is in aid of Refugee Week Scotland 2009, which is running all this week. The theme for Refugee Week this year is Home, and they asked Scottish bloggers to come up with a post on what “home” means for us. Of course for many people seeking refuge here in Scotland home is first and foremost the places and peoples and memories they have left behind. Many do though find a home of sorts here – Glasgow is one of the major centres for the housing of asylum seekers when they first arrive in the UK.

This first photo is of Glasgow University. Whilst I don’t live at (or for) work, it is the reason I moved here from London in 2005, and is a really important part of my life here. The research I’m doing gives me a sense of purpose, of achievement, and I think if I didn’t have that then it would be harder to feel settled.


This second photo might seem a bit odd in the context of this post, but it does make sense (at least to me!). It is a photo of a wedding dress shop in the Gorbals area of town, and is where I bought my wedding dress. For me, home isn’t just about place, but about people, about loved ones. This is going to sound a bit sappy, but a large part of “home” for me is being with my husband; the place comes second. We are going through insecure times, with him not having work here and having interviews all over the place, and so leaving Glasgow is a very real possibility for us should work come up for him elsewhere. Although I love Glasgow as a city and feel totally at home here, being with family is the most important thing for me when I think of “home”. For many who come here, alone, disorientated, traumatised, not knowing what has happened to family members, feeling at home anywhere must be impossible.

I’m happy to support Refugee Week – if any other Scottish bloggers reading this want to do the same, just include a link to the Refugee Week Scotland page and use “What does home mean to you?” as a title for your post.

10 Responses to “What does home mean to you?”

  1. Katya said

    Home…what a loaded question!

    I love the first photo with the “feather” clouds…I so love those thin wisps that seem so carefree and yet so eye-catching!!!!

    I do inderstand your definition of home and it is wonderful that home *is* truly where your heart is! I think our thoughts of home change as we change throughout the cycles of life. That’s okay…they just tend to be different depending upon the circumstances!

    I do pray that you and your hubby will find the perfect situation that will allow you to feel “planted” for a time!!!!

  2. Ian said

    Wonderful reflections: and a great cause. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The first photo is simply stunning. What a brilliant composition !

  4. maria said

    very meaningful post jackie – your story about the asylum seekers being housed in glasgow is particularly poignant. most of these people no doubt come from warmer climates, so this must be an incredible adjustment for them, not to mention the food aspect, which must seem just as foreign to them as the place aspect.

    i’ve been thinking a lot about what home means to me these days – i wasnt born where i live now, but my parents were born here. they left this town for a better opportunity in life, and i often think of the sacrifices they made for me so that i could live better in their birthplace, which they couldnt do when they were my age…

  5. Hilda said

    Your commentary about the second photo tugged at my heart so much. I can’t imagine being anywhere without my husband either. The longest we’ve been apart was two weeks and we chatted everyday for at least an hour. I hope he finds work again in Glasgow soon, for both your sakes.

    P.S. Your first photo is gorgeous!

  6. Antonella said

    Lovely photos, Jackie! The word “home” arises a real conflict in me. Although Italy will always be home for me, home is also where my husband and my children are, here in the UK. So my home is there, here and nowhere! Or maybe everywhere? I really hope your husband will find a job he likes soon. And whenever that will be, it will be “home” for you and and him as long you are together. Best wishes. Ciao. Antonella

  7. BondBloke said

    Thanks for taking up the cause Jackie, had you not I would not have found you…

  8. Soppy? No.

    Home is where my wife is.

  9. Very nice post.

  10. m_m said

    Great shots! I like especially the first one – great architecture and excellent capture of the sky!

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