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New Bridge

Posted by Jackie on June 24, 2009


This is Glasgow’s newest and shiniest bridge over the river Clyde, opened just over a month ago. I’m not sure what it’s called (I’ve seen someone on flickr refer to it as “Squiggly”, in keeping with the second-newest bridge the Squinty a little way up the river which has featured here plenty of times before). I’ll show a closer view tomorrow.

The yellow things in the foreground are from the ladders at the lifebelt stations which are dotted along the river in case someone gets into difficulty.

Please take the time to visit Tehran 24 (previously Portland Daily Photo, and currently being used to distribute photos and information as it is not yet blocked by the Iranian authorities). A City Daily Photo blogger from Tehran has been missing since Saturday, his family are concerned he has been arrested for taking photos at the recent demonstrations.

5 Responses to “New Bridge”

  1. Very modern looking! I like it.

  2. Hilda said

    Very modern and minimalist. I don’t think ‘squiggly’ quite fits it though. ‘Pointy,’ yes.

    Jackie, there’s a thread in the forum suggesting that the two not be named. Life, which published some of the missing photographer’s photos, didn’t name him either. He may have been picked up without knowledge of his actions, just as part of the general protesters’ arrests. Either way, it’s horrible what’s happening in Tehran.

  3. Jackie said

    Sorry Hilda I only just saw your comment, have removed all names as requested. I’ll go take a look at the forum now.

  4. Alec said

    More minimalism, I see.

    I’ve also blogged about Tehran 24. Please, if I have included personal information, tell me.

  5. Amy said

    the water looks peaceful there, gosh that’s awful about the tehran blogger, praying here…

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