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Glasgow glass

Posted by Jackie on June 29, 2009


These are a few of the 13 pictures of famous Glasgow glass features currently adorning the outside of Lansdowne Parish Church on Great Western Road.

12 Responses to “Glasgow glass”

  1. Jacob said

    Extraordinary and quite beautiful!

  2. That makes a very colorful window display.

  3. wow, modern stain-glass. Hip and striking. Cool!

  4. beautiful. And I took the image of that monkey with my zoom lense. 🙂

  5. Katya said

    Love the color!!!!

    What a striking contrast….not exactly what one would expect to see in such a “traditional” building!!!

  6. Hilda said

    Now that is a very unique and interesting way to mount an exhibit!

  7. Alec said

    Good marriage of the old and new.

  8. marley said

    Very cool and original too!

  9. Tinsie said

    That’s really funky 🙂

  10. tom donald said

    Hey I made that thing!

    I think that photography can be a powerful tool in the campaign to find a secular and sustainable community use for this building. (I’d like to see it become “The Glasgow Museum of the Processed Image”, but that’s just me…)

    I set up a flickr group about this building back in Feb, please do have a look! I’m going to keep working on the project, I’d be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to get involved…

    Thanks Jackie, and thank you to everyone who has commented here.

  11. babooshka said

    Very striking windows. Unusual too for the subject. Good to see someone on the project contacting too.

  12. Antonella said

    Fantastic effects, Jackie, really lovely! Ciao. A.

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