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Another bridge

Posted by Jackie on July 4, 2009


Further down the river from yesterday’s bridge is its more famous and bigger neighbour the Squinty Bridge (it’s called the Clyde Arc really but nobody calls it that). This picture was taken last autumn, I think they’d only just started building yesterday’s bridge (which I still don’t know what it’s called!) then. The crane is the Finnieston Crane which has also featured here several times already.

7 Responses to “Another bridge”

  1. Lara said

    the bridge series is great!

  2. tash said

    Nice view. Squinty – LOL.
    That crane always amazes me.

  3. looks pretty good

  4. I thought it had been christened the bendy bridge?

    Nice set of photos.

  5. Hilda said

    I didn’t notice the harlequin pattern on the arch of the bridge the last time. I like it! And really, that crane is awesome!

  6. marley said

    I like the contrast with the industrial past. Great photo.

  7. m_m said

    Interesting and original:) It looks like a rainbow or like a half of the tennis racket:)

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