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Moorhen chicks

Posted by Jackie on July 9, 2009

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I was really pleased to see that now that the coots have well and truly grown up, Queen’s Park pond is now home to a new family of moorhens! This picture though, whilst looking idyllic, was taken just before a bit of An Incident. My husband and I were feeding the ducks and coots and whathaveyou, and of course pretty much every single pigeon and seagull within a 10 mile radius swooped to try to grab the food. One of the gulls kept swimming very close to this nest, and all of a sudden both moorhen parents jumped on it and tried to drag it under water to drown it! It did manage to fly away, but I bet it didn’t learn its lesson.

Mother Nature. Hard as nails (especially in Glasgow!).

6 Responses to “Moorhen chicks”

  1. maria said

    great photo – in hania, it’s much more difficult to get this close to wildlife (people arent very nice to animals, so the animals stay away from us)

  2. Keeping the geneline intact is the absolute imperative.

  3. Tinsie said

    Do you have any photos of the actual Incident? I’d love to see something like that 😀

  4. m_m said

    Great shot!

  5. Katya said

    Oh my! I have NO idea where the gadzillions of Canandaigua Coots ended up, as they are nowhere to be found anymore!!!

    I read an article many years ago in National Geographic in which seagulls were called the “rats of the air”. That kind of made them seem REALLY gross to me, and although I would not harm them, I probably would have cheered the Moorhen family on!!!!!!

    What a coot photo….errr, I meant “cute”!

  6. Jackie said

    Tinsie – unfortunately (or perhaps not!) I had literally just put my camera away when the fight started. It must have only lasted a few seconds before the gull got away, but it was quite a tense moment!

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