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More Glasgow headgear

Posted by Jackie on July 16, 2009


Just to show that Wellington’s statue in front of the Gallery of Modern Art isn’t the only statue to be graced with Glasgow headgear, here’s one of the statues on the bridge over the river Kelvin near the Kelvingrove Museum.

10 Responses to “More Glasgow headgear”

  1. Hilda said

    I’m just curious: Does your city council go ga-ga when things like this happen?

  2. Ian said

    My parents have a photo of Wellington with headgear from their recent trip: they found it very amusing.

  3. Can’t students come up with more originality? Do they have to copy?

  4. dianne said

    the face of Boe is astounding!! and much too much like what I see in the mirror on a bad morn 😉

    the only head gear the statues round here get is pigeons and their poop

  5. Katya said

    Oh my…poor thing!

    People must get bored in Glasgow! Of course, here, (in large cities) those poor girls would likely be wearing some ridiculous graffiti!

  6. Jackie said

    Hilda: I think the council are kind of resigned to it, to be honest! The cone on the statue of Wellington has become such a Glasgow icon now that it looks odd when he isn’t sporting it. I think they do occasionally make an effort to remove the cones, but they’re soon put back, it really is a losing battle for them so I guess they’ve cut their losses.

    Actually, I’m not so sure about these yellow cones, but the big red and white ones are actually pretty heavy, so to get them all the way up to Wellington’s head (which is pretty high up) would be quite an achievement, especially if you’re drunk (as I suspect a lot of the people who do it are!).

  7. Jacob said

    I had to look at that a couple of times. Silly. Some things are funny and some are just silly. This is just silly. Rather harmless, but shows a certain disrespect for the heroes of the past?

  8. marley said

    Yes, very Glasgow! Lol!

  9. Jani said

    Are the ping-pong balls still in the skull on the same bridge? It’s proof that Glaswegians can come up with more than just the usual traffic-cone-on-the-head-of-a-statue shenanigans.
    I just remembered that I have a picture of it, and I just uploaded it to Flickr:

  10. Lara said

    is that on purpose :)) or there is some crazy guy doing this to the poor statues?!

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