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Day tripping (10) – Stirling Castle

Posted by Jackie on July 22, 2009


Inland now, and a 40 minute (if you get the timing right!) train journey north-east takes us to the historic town of Stirling. Stirling Castle itself, which arguably rivals Edinburgh Castle for its dramatic location on top of a massive great rock, was the seat of Scottish royalty right up until the union of the Scottish and English crowns in the 17th century. There’s more information about the castle here. I’d definitely recommend a visit – it’s not the cheapest day out in the world, but there’s absolutely tons to see and there is a really interesting guided tour included in the ticket price which is well worth joining in.

12 Responses to “Day tripping (10) – Stirling Castle”

  1. Andrew said

    What a great dominating location for keeping on eye on the peasants below.

  2. Royal photo! I’d be very happy to “housesit” for them if they need someone!

  3. Jacob said

    Oh boy, I love this photograph. So much interest here, and the muted colors are perfect. Frame it and hang it!

  4. tash said

    Absolutely gorgeous! Photo that says Scotland to me.
    I love the day tripping series.

  5. Sven said

    Excellent! Where did the guided tour go? Did you manage to see anything of the inside of the 16century palace?

  6. Nicely composed shot! This one’s a very informative post! I’ve always liked the look of the castles!

  7. Hilda said

    Fantastic photo, Jackie!
    I would love to see a real castle during my lifetime — any castle!

  8. kingsfold said

    Unfortunately, the 16th Century Palace is currently shut as part of a major project to present the King’s and Queen’s Lodgings as they might have appeared in the mid 16th century. The Palace will reopen in March 2011. So saith the Historic Scotland site.

  9. Katya said

    Oh Jackie, what an awesome photo! And an awesome castle!

  10. JM said

    This is a great perspective! I really like the composition.

  11. m_m said

    Nice angle!

  12. Linda said

    Nice and brooding!

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