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Day Tripping (12) – Machrie Moor, Arran

Posted by Jackie on July 24, 2009


I’m now going back “doon the watter” to a day trip I did more recently. Just south of Cumbrae (featured at the start of the week) is the larger Isle of Arran (the 7th largest of the Scottish islands, and the 9th largest British island), which I visited last month for my (significant and unmentionable) birthday. We managed to cover most of the island in a day (including a distillery tour, exploring a castle, a decent walk inland and circumnavigating the island by car), but there was so much to do and see there that it would make a good long weekend or even longer for a break. I loved Arran, what a beautiful place it was. The ferry leaves Ardrossan (an hour’s drive from home) and takes 50 minutes to reach Arran’s port of Brodick.

This picture is taken from our walk in Machrie Moor. The moor is home to several Bronze Age stone circles – unlike other stone circles such as Stonehenge in England, or Calanais on the Isle of Lewis, which seem to have some role in worship, the circles on Machrie Moor are thought (as I understand it) to be burial sites.

7 Responses to “Day Tripping (12) – Machrie Moor, Arran”

  1. Jacob said

    What a day trip! These stones are magnificent! Great photo!

  2. Bob Crowe said

    The only Scottish island I’ve visited is Skye, which is at least an awfully good start. So many more of them to visit. Some day…

  3. J Bar said

    How interesting.
    Sydney – City and Suburbs

  4. Beauty! Wonderful art by mother nature? Loved this picture!

  5. Belly Acher said

    Great shots!

  6. gabor said

    That certainly is some stunning and moody scenery.

  7. this place looks so amazing. something like Chile’s Easter Land.

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