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Day tripping (14) – Glen Coe

Posted by Jackie on July 26, 2009


It always really amazes me that we are in Glasgow actually pretty close to the Scottish Highlands. Just a couple of hours (or so) drive north and you reach the wonderful Glen Coe. This picture was taken from the Glen Coe visitors’ centre. The West Highland way passes through the glen (if I recall correctly the W.Highland way goes all the way from Fort William to Inverness) if you’re a keen walker – I’ve not done it, but with scenery like this it would be worth getting fit for and having a go, I think!

20 Responses to “Day tripping (14) – Glen Coe”

  1. mtpmcg said

    beautiful shot!

  2. Jani said

    Before moving to Glasgow I planned on many trips to go to Loch Lomond, to Loch Ness, to Inverness, to John O’Groats, to place all over Scotland to witness it in all it’s glory.

    After one year of living in Glasgow, I’ve been to Edinburgh for a day and Cambridge for a week. That’s it.

    It’s fantastic views as the one you captured in this one that keep reminding me to rent a car (or preferably find a friend with a car) and get out of Glasgow for a weekend or so.

  3. Sven said

    I remember when I walked up the slopes that are north of the George Square area, thinking “this is where the Highlands begin”.

  4. Gerald said

    The West Highland Way actually starts at Milngalvie on the outskirts of Glasgow and ends at Fort William. There is a “Great Glen Way” that goes from Fort William to Inverness.

    In the late 60s I walked three miles through Glencoe hitchhiking and nobody would stop inside the glen so it is one of those few places I really hate!

  5. Ian said

    Stunning: so green — and so beautiful.

  6. Giskard said

    Just amazing!

  7. m_m said

    These mountains are great! Lovely and mysterious view!

  8. Hilda said

    Beautiful! Go for it, Jackie! 😉

  9. Would love to be there. This is a stunning scenery!

  10. U.C. said

    Wow this is stunning!

  11. marley said

    Just wonderful!

  12. dianne said

    this is incredibly pretty!!

  13. Katya said

    Wow…this looks like an awesome area to explore! Just beautiful!!!

  14. Bob Crowe said

    Jackie, what a beautiful picture. It sums up my memories of the Highlands. Now, is the Glenlivet distillery just around the bend?

  15. Bob – afraid not – it’s a long way away from there.

  16. lovely.

  17. Babzy said

    really beautiful shot ! I’ve been to Glen Coe years ago …

  18. babooshka said

    Is this as atmospheric as it looks and did you wave to Jimmy Saville. He really does live this way.

  19. Jackie said

    Babooshka: yes and no (in that order)! There’s a house in the glen which is just little white against a backdrop of a great big mountain, it features in all the tourist photos, it must be the most atmospheric place in the world to live!

  20. Jackie said

    This is the house I mean:

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