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Posted by Jackie on July 19, 2009


This is another picture from the Transport Museum. Who needs a siren when you have a shiny bell like that? 🙂

I’m not entirely convinced that wooden ladders would be the safest thing in the world when fire-fighting though!

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Glasgow Style Toilets

Posted by Jackie on July 18, 2009


A terrible photo (it doesn’t look too bad as a thumbnail!), but I’m including it because it made us laugh – my husband spotted it first, and wondered what “Glasgow Style Toilets” were. This is also from the Kelvingrove Museum.

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Posted by Jackie on July 17, 2009


I think I may possibly have shown another picture of this from another angle in the early days of this blog. But it’s always worth another outing – this is the arched ceiling and organ pipes from the entrance hall of the Kelvingrove Museum.

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More Glasgow headgear

Posted by Jackie on July 16, 2009


Just to show that Wellington’s statue in front of the Gallery of Modern Art isn’t the only statue to be graced with Glasgow headgear, here’s one of the statues on the bridge over the river Kelvin near the Kelvingrove Museum.

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Got a problem with that?

Posted by Jackie on July 15, 2009


My last photo from the Dr Who exhibition for now – I think this pretty much sums up the show really.

[I’m too good to you – first a photo of Daniel Craig at Christmas, now David Tennant!]

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The Face of Boe

Posted by Jackie on July 14, 2009


I was pleased with this picture – this is the Face of Boe.

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Posted by Jackie on July 13, 2009


This picture is of the Supreme Dalek; the red button alerted the scariest baddies in space to human presence. Two other Daleks seemed to come to life and swore extermination to the humans nearby (I tried taking pictures of that, but it was too dark to get a good one, and I didn’t have enough battery power in the camera to video it, unfortunately). Check out Jen’s comment on yesterday’s post to see just how scary they can be!

Yes of course, this is the Dr Who exhibition that is currently on at the Kelvingrove Museum. It’s mainly an exhibition of Christopher Ecclestone’s and David Tennant’s stints as the Time Lord (since 2005), featuring costumes and characters and exhibits on how they do the special effects and all sorts. It’s an absolute must for any fan – it’s on there until January next year. I’ll show a few more photos over the next couple of days (I took loads but will use the others as fillers when photos get short!).

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Posted by Jackie on July 12, 2009


This is from another exhibition we visited the other week. Tomorrow I’ll show you what those who can’t resist the temptation of pushing the red button have to face! (here’s a clue which all the Brits at least will get: those of you of a nervous disposition may need to hide behind a sofa!)

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Posted by Jackie on July 11, 2009


A couple of weeks ago we, like the rest of the UK, were basking in sunshine and moaning about how hot it was. Then the heavens (finally!) opened a week ago, and luckily for me (ha!) I was caught right in the middle of it. This is at the bottom of University Avenue, and I can categorically say it was absolutely tanking it down.

Welcome to summer in Scotland!

[In other news: I’m sorry I’ve not made as many visits to other commenters’ blogs as before, life has got a bit hectic (understatement). But I’m hoping to get round as many blogs as I can soon. I do read every comment here, and really appreciate them, thanks very much for visiting!]

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Screaming stairs

Posted by Jackie on July 10, 2009


At the Hunterian Art Gallery on the Glasgow University campus there is an exhibition on at the moment of prints by Edward Munch. Included is a print of his most famous work, “The Scream”, though I have to say that there were other prints of his in this exhibition that I preferred. This is the staircase that leads from the gallery entrance to the exhibition space.

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