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Blue river

Posted by Jackie on August 2, 2009


Apologies for the late posting of a photo, did anyone else with a wordpress blog have problems with scheduling photos yesterday? (it seems to be OK today but was driving me nuts yesterday). This is an old picture, from last autumn, showing L-R the BBC studios on Pacific Quay, the IMAX Cinema, Science Centre and Glasgow Tower.

7 Responses to “Blue river”

  1. Hilda said

    I was wondering why you appeared 12 hours late!
    I know you’ve posted something similar before, but these four really make for such an interesting architectural photo. Their shapes are just so different!

  2. Andrew said

    Glasgow Tower looked interesting, so I did a quick search. Bit of a troubled history, but certainly interesting.

  3. I’d no problems with scheduling Jackie, but did with trying to view some wordpress sites.

  4. m_m said

    Nice shot! I like the composition!

  5. Jackie said

    Thank you! Andrew, it’s a brilliant place to visit, and the views from the top are fantastic. It does get a bit of stick because the rotation doesn’t always happen (if it’s too windy for example), but when I went up we managed an almost complete rotation which was pretty cool.

    An Honest Man, thanks for that. I have another wordpress blog and was having some (different) problems with that. I guess wordpress was just having a little strop, which is a surprise as it’s usually so reliable.

  6. everything is blue. sky, water & building

  7. marley said

    It all looks so shiny and new!

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