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Glasgow flourishing in the Botanics

Posted by Jackie on August 3, 2009


Here’s the ubiquitous coat of arms again – this one can be found just inside the entrance to the Botanic Gardens at the corner of Queen Margaret Drive and Great Western Road.

I was very happy a couple of weeks ago that I spotted another example of the coat of arms that I’d not noticed before, despite having gone past it on the bus very regularly for the last 3+ years! Will have to find the time to get off the bus and add it to my growing collection ๐Ÿ™‚

6 Responses to “Glasgow flourishing in the Botanics”

  1. but why half image ?

  2. Jackie said

    Deepak: this is the whole thing! If you mean the poor focus, I have tried several times to do a better shot, but this is actually the best of a bad lot. Maybe with a different camera I’ll have more luck.

  3. A 3D Certificate? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hilda said

    Glasgow’s coat of arms does seem to be all over the place! I hope you can hop off that bus soon for the new discovery!

  5. dianne said

    I have a mental list of all the things I have to go back and get a shot of
    I should start writing them down
    or making the time at the moment

    I like the color of the stone

  6. Jani said

    There are literally hundreds of these things littered around Glasgow, but I do think this is probably my favourite one so far.

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