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Pakistani Cafe

Posted by Jackie on August 7, 2009


Alec from Thurso DP (link to the right in the Scotland section) drew my attention to the Pakistani Cafe on Pollokshaws Road on the south side of Glasgow, and specifically the fact that the owner has been facing serious threats to his business (story here). So we went along recently to check it out and offer some support through eating there. The staff were friendly, it was a lovely laid-back atmosphere there, and the food was fabulous (above you can see my veggie dahl which I definitely recommend, it was delicious, and my husband’s veggie curry which he had already started digging into by the time I took the picture. There wasn’t a grain of rice left on the plate as we scoffed the lot). So I’m really glad to give the place a bit of publicity for the right reasons, and encourage anyone local to eat there and support Jimshaed and his business.

6 Responses to “Pakistani Cafe”

  1. Kris said

    Now I am hungry again.

  2. Linda said

    This looks just my kind of food – lentils are what I go for when in need of comfort.

  3. Margaret said

    Pakistani and North Indian food is sooooooooooo good. I hope their problem goes away soon.

  4. Amy said

    mmm yum! That really looks delish!

  5. I guess it is ” Chicken Biryani”

  6. Tinsie said

    Yummy. I’d certainly eat there if I was in Glasgow!

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