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Lilybank House

Posted by Jackie on August 8, 2009


Lilybank House houses the Economic and Social History Department at Glasgow University. I’ve noticed a lot of these columns all over Glasgow, I’m guessing the Victorians (Edwardians?) up here were really into them. As well as actual columns, a lot of buildings particularly in the city centre have column effects (for example at the side of doors and windows, built into the actual wall).

4 Responses to “Lilybank House”

  1. dianne said

    I love love love the old brick work!!!

  2. Linda said

    Nothing like a column for a touch of class. Wonder when/why they fell out of favour.

  3. Jani said

    It’s a maze inside too, having gone through so many renovations and such over its 180 year existence. I just prepared a post and a photo about the Lilybank House over the weekend, publishing it this Tuesday. It’s quite an interesting building!

  4. A little rustic look

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