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Entrance to the Botanics

Posted by Jackie on August 11, 2009


This is the modest entrance to the Botanic Gardens, on the junction of Great Western Road and Queen Margaret Drive. [if you look at the photo in flickr, I have put a note of where my most recent coat-of-arms photo that I posted last week can be found]

11 Responses to “Entrance to the Botanics”

  1. Andrew said

    Modest entrance Jackie?

  2. Ian said

    My comment exactly! Looks wondrous.

  3. The entrance looks really beautiful.

  4. Linda said

    Love the mock-Tudor herringbone effect! When did that creep into the municipal architecture?

  5. Neat Clean & Gorgeous Place! Beautifully shot!

  6. Gerald said

    Hardly changed in 43 years – see

  7. margaret said

    Is there still a Tardis nearby converted into an icecream booth?
    I love my sweets.

  8. Katya said

    Wow, hardly looks modest! What a lovely entrance, actually!

  9. m_m said

    It has style! Looks nice:)

  10. dianne said

    understated is good
    I like it

    the reflection photo below is outrageous
    I love it so much
    it is a work of art

  11. Jackie said

    Thanks Dianne – I’m so used to seeing the puddles and reflections I nearly didn’t post the picture as I thought it was so ordinary, but people have said such nice things about it 🙂

    Margaret, the tardis is indeed still there – selling coffee now I think.

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