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Quincentenery Memorial Gate

Posted by Jackie on August 16, 2009


I’m really embarrassed to say that, despite coming to the end of my 4th year at Glasgow University, I only noticed this fairly recently! I actually go past it most days as this is where I get off the bus, but had just walked past and never paid attention. As you can see, this gate, which is one of the entrances to Glasgow University’s main building, isn’t just a fancy pattern, but features names of the great and the good who are associated with the University in some way (an interesting factoid: as yet only one woman appears on the gate, Isabel Elder (1828-93) who was a Glasgow philanthropist, university benefactor and champion of higher education for women. So I owe her – I’ll have to go back and find her name amongst the Adam Smiths and James Watts. Hey, maybe my PhD will wow the world so much I’ll end up with my own name there in the future! 😀 )

5 Responses to “Quincentenery Memorial Gate”

  1. babooshka said

    Well you’ve certainly made an impression on me. I constantly find things here that I would have overlooked had I not been blogging. Very imposing entrance in a nice way and good to see recognition to those lesser known alongside those more familiar names.

  2. Jen said

    I love that gate, but when you go back, check out the two recently added names and notice that they are not wearing very well in comparison to the ones that have been there more than 50 years!

  3. Jani said

    There’s still space for 10 more names! But, considering the achievements of the names already on the gates, and that only 30 names have made it onto the gates out of over 550 years of alumni, the bar has been set pretty high. Here’s to trying for it anyway! =)
    The two recent ones which Jen referred to above this comment, John Smith and Donald Dewar, really are literally falling apart, as Mr. Smith has already lost his ‘T’.

  4. marley said

    Its funny how we don’t see the the things right under our noses! Well spotted (at last!)

  5. I guess Glasgow University is a paradise for photographers.

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