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Coming in to land

Posted by Jackie on August 17, 2009


This was taken a couple of weeks ago as I was flying into Glasgow airport – the airport is to the west of the city so this is looking east and the south side is to the right of the picture. Just before this we’d flown over the north of the city and had good views of the university, SECC, Science Centre etc, but annoyingly for me the wing kept getting in the way so my photos weren’t very good. So here’s just a general one, looking not that pretty especially under the grey clouds, but I like the view anyway as I know I’m getting near home šŸ™‚

7 Responses to “Coming in to land”

  1. Amy said

    wow what a shot – a perfect bird’s eye view!

  2. Margaret said

    For some reason I always like photos taken from planes. I remember this view from the one time I flew into Glasgow in day time.

  3. Layclerk said

    My house lies a few hundred metres away from being directly under the flightpath and is just those few hundred metres to the west of you (i.e. to the right hand side of the aircraft) when you took this photo! You would have seen it if you’d looked out the other window!

  4. Just so long as the pilot doesn’t mistake the river for the runway!!

  5. Katya said

    Jackie, another great shot! Love this!!!

  6. What an amazing view šŸ™‚

  7. Ian said

    Great photo. I love landings and take-offs: fascinating views of the city.

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