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Oran Mor with bin

Posted by Jackie on August 21, 2009


Here’s another picture of Oran Mor from the Botanic Gardens. I tried to move around to avoid the red rubbish bin, but actually I think it adds a bit to the picture 🙂

7 Responses to “Oran Mor with bin”

  1. Katya said

    Tis a grand photo Jackie! And the trash receptacle (hehehe…love using that phrase as it normally throws folks here over the edge!!!) just adds a touch of the “such is life” reality to the beauty of the landscape!!!!

  2. Hilda said

    Heehee. Definitely adds a surprising and funny touch of color to the scene!

  3. dianne said

    it definitely adds a bit!

    ya know my dear – you can’t be a broody cynic if you have an eye for photography as good as yours.

    you can have moments, that is all 😉

  4. Dido said

    Thanks Jackie!

    And I love this photo – there’s something very Doctor Who about it, as if any moment a bunch of aliens will crawl out – or maybe it’s a link to another dimension…?!

  5. @Dido – I was looking for the telephone box as well!

    @Jackie – nice photo.

  6. Margaret said

    We need all the brightness we can get.

  7. marley said

    lol! I like the bin in it! A splash of colour, far from rubbish (groan!)

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