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University and Kelvingrove

Posted by Jackie on August 22, 2009


I’m really low on photos at the moment, and as we’re currently on the wrong side of the north-west weather divide (it was 30 degrees C in London a couple of days ago, whereas our sunshine has been of the liquid variety) I don’t really want to take the camera out in the pouring rain, so I’ve dug out a few really ancient photos (well, a couple of years old anyway). This is the tower of the Glasgow University main building in the background, with the Kelvingrove Museum in the foreground.

5 Responses to “University and Kelvingrove”

  1. Lara said

    The weather this summer is a funny one. We had 35 C degrees yesterday, and today is raining cats and dogs. But maybe it’s a good day for study & blog updating 🙂

  2. m_m said

    Wow! These towers are so beautiful! Thanks!

  3. Hilda said

    The architecture of these two towers is magnificent!

  4. Linda said

    Very unfair weather this summer! You’ve reminded me that I haven’t visited Kelvingrove – must remedy that.

  5. nice angle

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