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September 09 theme day – Big

Posted by Jackie on September 1, 2009


As it’s the first of the month it’s time for another Theme Day across the city daily photo blogs. This month the theme is “Big”.

You don’t have to be in Glasgow for very long before you learn that football is very, very big indeed here. This is a photo of Ibrox stadium, which is the home of Rangers FC, one of the two big clubs known as “the Old Firm” (the other of course is Celtic). [I haven’t taken this, rather than Celtic’s stadium at Parkhead, because I favour one over the other. Actually I support a lowly non-Glasgow 2nd division team, but I just happened to be around Ibrox yesterday so took the chance to take a snap]

Glasgow does of course have more than just the two teams, although you’d be forgiven if Celtic and Rangers are the only two you’ve heard of. In the first division is Partick Thistle (the team that they say “true Glaswegians” support), and in the third division is my local team, Queen’s Park.

For interpretations of the Big theme from around the world, click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

9 Responses to “September 09 theme day – Big”

  1. tash said

    I know it’s BIG from the contemporary lit from there too.
    Very clever take on the TD.

  2. Nice to have you back on-line.

  3. Ian said

    If ever I happen to listen to the BBC World Service at the right time, I am always amused by team names such as “Queen of the South”, “Parrtick [?] Thistle”, “Heart of ” and others. Great names.

  4. Hilda said

    Very clever interpretation of the theme!

  5. marley said

    Good choice for the theme. Sport is big business!

  6. Jackie said

    Ian, the football team names are brilliant up here, much more fun than the ones down south. I support Stenhousemuir, another wonderfully-named club.

  7. Gerald said

    forfar four east fife five

    sorry couldn’t resist that – good way of tackling the theme.

  8. Ham said

    Warning on the side of the packet: “Supporting the wrong team in the wrong place may be injurious to your health”. Great Glasgow take on the theme.

  9. I am a great fan of Celtic

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