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Posted by Jackie on September 2, 2009


Some more old photos, as I really need to get out more taking more pictures. This tree is in the Botanic Gardens – I don’t think it’s a Monkey Puzzle Tree as the branches seem too close together, but I have no idea what it actually is.

10 Responses to “Puzzling”

  1. dianne said

    it reminds me of the thick pipe cleaner things my grandfather had

  2. A confused image 🙂

  3. Linda said

    Looks like a monkey puzzle to me. My grandmother had one at her house – one of the many ingredients of ‘archetypal Victorian house’ – and I had a certain prickly familiarity with it as a child.

  4. U.C, said

    wow this is so great!

  5. Jen said

    I think it is a monkey puzzle, just one that hasn’t been cut back.

  6. Alec said

    Nowt wrong with old piccies. Especially this one.

  7. Jani said

    Wow, that’s a bit creepy actually. I’m expecting a set of teeth to jump out at any moment.

  8. Katya said

    Wow…that looks like a really cool tree! I’v never seen one like that before!

  9. Alec said

    Teeth, Jani? Urgh, the fifth season of The Wire.

  10. Jani said

    Alec: Must admit that I haven’t seen Season 5. I was thinking more along the lines of low-budget horror movies, which seems to have a predisposition towards focusing on teeth and tentacles.

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