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Posted by Jackie on September 4, 2009


This plaque is on the outside of the building at 11 University Gardens, and marks the place where Frederick Soddy, a chemistry lecturer at Glasgow University before the First World War, first expounded the concept of isotopes. He later went on (in 1921) to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Obviously very brainy people go to Glasgow University 🙂

6 Responses to “Isotopes”

  1. Jani said

    I saw this sign somewhere around campus last year late one night and I’ve been looking for it since. I was looking for it around the Chemistry departments…

    Considering the fact that a few hours ago I posted a photo of the building where this plaque is, fantastic timing on posting this photo! (The Hetherington Building, right?)

  2. Lots of brainy people went to the University!!! History will judge the current batch.

  3. Jackie said

    Jani, the Hetherington Building is different to the Hetherington Research Club (which is the place you mean, and yes I think this is next door). Hetherington Building is in Bute Gardens, and isn’t nearly as photogenic!

  4. Jani said

    Sorry, I meant the Hetherington House. As you aptly put it, the Hetherington Building really isn’t the most photogenic building around campus. Got my Hetheringtons all mixed up!

    And about the brainy people part, the bar has truly been set high for the students at Glasgow Uni. Try competing with people who invented TV, ultra-sound, modern economics, a measurement of temperature, as well as the father of Scottish devolution, to name but a few. No pressure, huh? =)

  5. Katya said

    Incredible! On the news a few months ago, we were informed that many students here in the US have been swept away to study in Scotland! Sounds like it is “the place” to be, eh?

  6. Linda said

    My son’s about to become one of them. My sights aren’t set as high as a Nobel Prize – I’ll settle for him getting a degree!

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