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Sound battle

Posted by Jackie on September 18, 2009


Sticking with the pipers from yesterday, here they are in University Avenue. The bus over the road plastered in the Irn-Bru (Scotland’s other national drink) logo was blaring out loud clubby music, presumably to entice new students to some club night or other. From where I was standing the pipers were winning though! (and neither helped my headache)

5 Responses to “Sound battle”

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  2. Linda said

    “some nightclub or other” – you do realise that makes you sound OLD! Or perhaps ‘mature’ would be better?

  3. Katya said

    Woo hoo!!! By this time, your head must have been splitting!!! I can only imagine how *loud* thid would have been. Still, you faithfully took photos…dedication!!!!

  4. thursodailyphoto said

    Considering that I wear shirt bands, the nightclub comment passed me by.

  5. Jacob said

    Can’t imagine the ruckus! If you didn’t have a headache, you’d sure get one.

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