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Ubiquitous Chip

Posted by Jackie on September 23, 2009


The Ubiquitous Chip is a restaurant in Ashton Lane in the West End. This is part of the sign outside the restaurant’s bar. If you look very carefully you can see my reflection!

3 Responses to “Ubiquitous Chip”

  1. Lara said

    I have no clue what you can eat there :)). But I would go in especially for this reason :))

  2. Jen said

    Love the Ubiquitous Chip (and Lara, it sells very well sourced Scottish food). But I call it the Biccy Chip, which wasn’t on the list!

  3. Antonella said

    Inteersting. It would be nice to have a look at the menu! I can see the reflection of a camera but not you! Hope you’re well. Ciao. A.

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