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Men at work

Posted by Jackie on September 27, 2009


I took this a couple of weeks ago and already the building work has proceeded a lot – I noticed a fancy spiral staircase inside the building a couple of days ago. This glass structure is being tacked onto the back of the university library, and I understand it will be housing, amongst other things, a coffee bar where the Document Delivery Service used to be. The work has been going on all summer (and driving me nuts, as my office looks out onto the building work and the constant drilling has been rather trying!), I had assumed that it was due to be finished before the start of term, but here we are in week 2 and they’re still going strong.

3 Responses to “Men at work”

  1. Jani said

    What I’m curious about is why they didn’t just redo the whole annexe while they were at it. The 80s were not a good period of time for architecture.

    I like the reflection of the Adam Smith building and the contrast of the yellow machinery and the concrete library. I’m waiting for it to be done before venturing over with my camera.

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  3. Katya said

    And interesting addition….seems coffee makes the world go round, eh?

    The thing that always amazes me is that even though we are told the economy is going through tough times, universities, banks, and insurance companies seem to have a “bottomless pit” from which to draw to build the likes of this!!!!

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