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Central Station view

Posted by Jackie on October 12, 2009


Here’s another one from ages and ages ago, showing the lines and curves of Central Station again. The curved building is part of the hotel which is part of the station – actually outside it is all boarded up and is undergoing some major renovation work – I hear through the grapevine it is due to reopen in February next year (I saw it on the internet so it must be true). On the bottom of the curved bit is the ticket office for local journeys – if you want to get a ticket for further afield the ticket office for that is out the main entrance and immediately left at the front of the station.

3 Responses to “Central Station view”

  1. Sven said

    There is nearly a little town within the large station hall. I like that!

  2. marley said

    Fantastic station. So much to see and photograph.

  3. Katya said

    I cannot imagine a hotel located in such a “hoppin’ busy” place! Looks like it would be a great spot to take lots of photos, though!

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