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Giant pasta?

Posted by Jackie on October 14, 2009


Now this picture I took ages and ages ago, and now I’m trying to remember where on earth it is! I’ve got a shortlist of two – it’s on a wall either in Renfrew Street or Ingram Street – I’m pretty sure the 66 bus goes past it anyway! It always reminds me of the pasta art we did at school when I was a kid, making patterns with the pasta stuck on paper, then spraying it silver or gold.

4 Responses to “Giant pasta?”

  1. Katya said

    Oh, I remember the pasta art as well! And yes, your photo does indeed bring such to mind!

  2. kcalpesh said

    Wow, nice bit of information! I’d never heard about PASTA Art! Nice title and nice picture!

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  3. Linda said

    Known in the trade as ‘glueings’. Not to be confused with ‘hammerings’. As in ‘Mummy, I did a hammering at nursery today.’ (Bit of offcut wood with a nail hammered (dangerously) into it by chubby yet fragile infant fist. I always used to hope the teacher’s hand was the one holding the nail and the bit of wood.)

  4. marley said

    Thanks for the blast from the past! Pasta pictures – brilliant!

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