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Bright and dull

Posted by Jackie on October 25, 2009


I know I’ve shown a lot of photos of blue skies on this blog (generally because I’m more likely to take lots of pictures when the weather is good, and then I can show them when it’s too wet and miserable to take pictures). But it’s been distinctly grey lately. This was taken along the Clyde walkway – I liked the contrast between the bright orange and yellow of the rescue gear, the grey of the river, buildings and sky and the odd splodge of green and yellow from the trees. The building over the river, in front of the tower blocks, is Glasgow Sheriff Court.

4 Responses to “Bright and dull”

  1. Linda said

    You’ve got to grab colour where you can find it on these grey Scottish days!

  2. marley said

    Great contrast!

  3. andreea said

    I feel your pain, I’m having the same problem. And the grey sky is not even the dramatic “before the storm grey” but just the dull “I’d rather be curled up in a bed grey”. Nice that you found a bit of color to complement it.

  4. Katya said

    The gray skies just help us appreciate the sunny ones more!!! Nice find on the color!!!

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