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Grey sky thinking

Posted by Jackie on October 26, 2009


Here’s some more of those lovely Glasgow grey skies! This isn’t a monochrome picture (if you look very closely you’ll see the actual colour of the bridge), but it felt like a monochrome day. I thought I’d experiment a bit, I quite like this one. This is from one of the footbridges over the Clyde – at night it’s lit up red (I’ve shown it on here before) and looks totally different.

5 Responses to “Grey sky thinking”

  1. Lines, reflections, subject & the sky! Perfect elements! Nice design in that picture!

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  2. Did you deliberately line up the two wires in the centre to appear as one?

  3. andreea said

    Interesting angle. Can’t say I can see the actual color of the bridge, but I take your word for it 🙂

  4. marley said

    Grey and arty! Great shot.

  5. Jackie said

    An Honest Man: no that was entirely accidental, and until you pointed it out I hadn’t noticed!

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