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University sky

Posted by Jackie on November 15, 2009


Another old photo – it’s been 2 weeks since I left the university and started my job in a less aesthetically beautiful part of the city, and it feels like forever ago. So I am posting this as much for nostalgic purposes as anything else. (I’m worried I’ve shown this photo before, but if I did it was ages ago). The sky hasn’t been this colour for a while!

3 Responses to “University sky”

  1. Katya said

    Ah, that is a lovely blue sky!!!! It really makes the building look very impressive!!!

  2. marley said

    Not that you’re missing the place then?!

    Lovely photo. Nice to see some blue sky, even if it is just a photo.

  3. Linda said

    Good to see blue sky, even if it is the archive variety. And the University sets it off quite well.

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