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Posted by Jackie on December 2, 2009


Here’s a bit of the skyline in Queen’s Park. I liked how the spire and the trees were silhouetted against the sky.

4 Responses to “Tall”

  1. Wayne said

    I like the bare trees as a subject too. We’re in good company Jackie, David Hockney’s latest work, and his largest, has the same theme. Google ‘Bigger Trees Near Warter’

  2. I love the sky in this one with the light cloud formation.

  3. marley said

    Very nice. Really wintery feel.

    Now then Jackie, I’m intrigued to know how many days till your retirement. I’m guessing we are about the same age (I’m 32 (don’t tell anyone!) and you are probably younger) So how long have you/I got to go until freedom?! lol 🙂

  4. Katya said

    What a lovely photo, Jackie! I also love trees against the sky…but steeples? A bit hard to find in our woods!!!

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