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Posted by Jackie on December 28, 2009



These guys are pretty well known buskers throughout Scotland, a band called Clanadonia. Their motto is “Keepin’ it Tribal” and they certainly do that! These guys are LOUD! Well worth stopping for if you see them hanging around (their tartan is quite distinctive), the chances are they’re just having a break before another set.

The first photo is without flash and gives a better idea of the movement and energy. The second one I took with flash so it was a bit clearer.

By the way, the giant bubble-like thing behind them? That’s an inflatable snow-globe, groups would pay to stand in it for a few minutes and create their own snowstorm scene. There were “No photography” signs up all round it, so I had to sneak it in in the background.

4 Responses to “Clanadonia”

  1. leif hagen said

    Looks like a fun group to watch and listen to!

  2. Katya said

    I do think I would love to hear this group perform!!! They do look highly energetic.

  3. Margaret said

    We see them in Edinburgh occasionally and, yes, they are VERY energetic and great fun.

  4. loved this – happy new year to you too!

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