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Scott’s blingy pedestal

Posted by Jackie on December 21, 2009


Here’s another look at the Sir Walter Scott statue and its tasteful red stripy lights. I liked how there were quite a lot of Christmas trees in tubs around the square this year. Sneaking them into photos gave them even more Christmassy je ne sais quoi than usual! 😉

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Posted by Jackie on December 20, 2009


Even the fairground has all the same rides as last year. Last year I showed a photo that I was really proud of taken at night of this ride. Here it is during the day, still dizzying the punters. Back in the day I used to love this sort of thing. These days I’d be wanting to get off about 5 seconds after it started.

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George Square Winterfest

Posted by Jackie on December 19, 2009


I’ll return to Buchanan Street in a few days, but of course no Christmas in central Glasgow would be complete without a look at George Square. The lights are basically the same every year, although it had a slightly less blingy feel this year than last year (though bear in mind this is relative – compared to everywhere else in Glasgow at Christmas, George Square is still like Las Vegas). This picture shows the City Chambers at the far end of the square, Walter Scott’s column lit up in stripy red lights as usual (at least he doesn’t have a giant red neon bow tie like he did the other year) and a bit of the fairground in the foreground.

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Sally Army

Posted by Jackie on December 18, 2009


Of course no UK high street at Christmas time would be complete without the Salvation Army brass band playing carols. With the Indians about 20 yards behind them and bagpipers and all sorts the other side, not to mention the music blasting out of various shops, they had quite a bit of competition. But for me, this is one of the sights and sounds of Christmas and I was really glad to see them there. They do a lot of work with the homeless throughout the country, and these sessions playing carols outside the shops at Christmas are used to try and raise a bit of money for this work.

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Indian band

Posted by Jackie on December 17, 2009


I’ve seen these guys quite a lot in Buchanan Street – they were outside Borders and making quite a noise!

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Posted by Jackie on December 16, 2009




I thought I’d get the less clear photos out of the way in one day – these are just a handful of the buskers that were along the length of Buchanan Street and playing simultaneously (I think the word “cacophany” just about sums it up). The guys in the middle made me laugh, especially the sax player and the guy on the right, when they took their instruments away from their mouths it turned out they had attached their beards to the instruments rather than to themselves. It was all a bit surreal).

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Princes Square peacock

Posted by Jackie on December 15, 2009


The peacock is above the Princes Square shopping arcade all year round, but the giant snowflakes are seasonal!

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Christmas shopping

Posted by Jackie on December 14, 2009


On Saturday I finally braved the city centre to do my Christmas shopping (I’ve been putting it off for weeks, denial is a wonderful thing sometimes!). As well as being Santa’s little helper, I also took quite a lot of pictures, so I should be able to manage daily photos maybe even until Christmas.

This shows Buchanan Street on Saturday afternoon. It was cold, noisy and heaving with people, but at least it wasn’t raining (and I got nearly all of my presents as well, it’s definitely better to try and do it all in one go in my view!)

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Red sky at night

Posted by Jackie on December 13, 2009


I took this as I was going home from the university almost for the last time and heading for the bus stop on University Avenue, at the end of October. Unfortunately due to the exposure settings on the camera being a complete mystery to me, I was unable to reproduce the dark blue sky or the deep deep reds of the clouds. It was an amazing sky.

I went back to the university last week one evening after work – my PhD supervisors are being very accommodating and meeting me in the evenings when we need to meet. It was really strange being back, even though I’ve only been away a month and a half! It’s like a different world now I’ve got a proper job!

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Looking north

Posted by Jackie on December 7, 2009


This is the last of the pictures I took in Queen’s Park last weekend, looking down towards the park entrance, up Victoria Road towards the city centre, and then past the north of the city to the hills of the Campsie Fells beyond.

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