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Final week – for now

Posted by Jackie on February 22, 2010


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged here, and to be honest I’ve run out of steam a bit. I’ve decided to give the blog a bit of a break, as I have so much going on I don’t have time really to take pictures, update this blog or visit other blogs, so it’s starting to become a bit of a source of stress. I’ve dug out 7 photos from ages and ages ago to finish up, although I won’t be closing the blog completely – if things calm down and I take more pictures then I’ll carry on adding them, but it will be a bit ad hoc for now. So for the time being this will be the final week of the blog, and we’ll see if life calms down a bit later in the year 🙂

This odd photo is from outside Glasgow School of Art, and if I recall correctly is part of the lighting around the building.

2 Responses to “Final week – for now”

  1. Katya said

    Interesting piece of work, there….
    Sorry you are so overwhelmed, but can certainly understand. You do have a lot on your plate just now!
    I will be here if and when you are back again…I love seeing your photos. I will miss them!

  2. Ian said

    As above, can understand; your photos are a daily delight to see. Hope and pray you get all accomplished that you need to. And thanks for sharing with us Glasgow in all her glory.

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