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Lilybank Gardens

Posted by Jackie on February 24, 2010


[Really hoping I haven’t shown this photo on the blog already!] Lilybank Gardens is a row of tenements owned by Glasgow University and housing various departments – including mine (though my office, on the rare occasions now I’m back at uni, is not here but up the hill a bit).

4 Responses to “Lilybank Gardens”

  1. Hilda said

    I really get confused by the British use of the word ‘tenements.’ I’d just gotten used to it referring to apartments, but now it sounds like these are offices?

  2. Raj said

    Hilda: originally, those buildings were flats (apartments) but when the University bought the whole terrace, it converted knocked down some internal walls and turned them into offices.

  3. Katya said

    hehehe….like Hilda, I get confusionated by British wording as well! Generally, tenements in the US of A are npt exactly where onw would be wantin’ to live!!! Let’s see, they are quite lovely, and I think here that type of building would be referred to as row houses. I think, anyway!!!!

  4. Ian said

    How beautiful: the houses, and the park and those glorious trees: even bare they are majestic.

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