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How many frogs?

Posted by Jackie on March 21, 2010


I know this blog is on a bit of a hiatus, but after a few weeks of work and a few days of a nasty tummy bug, I thought I’d go for a restorative walk round Queen’s Park, and try out my new zoom lens at the same time. At the small pond there were lots of people pointing and taking photos, and when I got close I saw why. There was quite a bit of X-rated froggy activity going on, and lots and lots of spawn already.

I can see 12 frogs in this picture – can you see any more?

(I’ll show a couple of views I took over the next couple of days to show off my new toy).

2 Responses to “How many frogs?”

  1. Linda said

    ‘Is there no privacy?’, they’re saying!
    Nice to see you posting. Sorry to hear about your tummy bug. I had one recently too – do you think it’s a university thing? And talking of uni bugs, my son has been home for the past week with mumps. Apparently there’s an outbreak at Glasgow Uni – so Wikipedia says.

  2. Wayne said

    Glad you’re better, glad your back Jackie

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