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Posted by Jackie on June 13, 2010


Yes I know the blog’s having a break, but I’m procrastinating, so what better excuse to put up a couple of new photos!

A couple of months ago I finally made it to one of Glasgow’s more bizarre attractions, the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. It was quite bonkers, but utterly wonderful – I’ll put up another couple of pictures over the next day or so. Well worth a visit.

6 Responses to “Shadowy”

  1. Lara said

    …and you also got this gorgeous photo! welcome back ;)!

  2. Linda said

    Good to see you posting. As much as the shadow play, it the colours that really make this shot stand out.

  3. Hilda said

    Intrigued by your photo, I followed the link. Looks and sounds fascinating!
    I’m glad you decided to procrastinate ā€” this was a real treat. šŸ˜‰

  4. Wayne said

    Welcome back Jackie, I missed you

  5. Katya said

    Amazing! I love photos like this as they cause one to look more deeply!

  6. Love the shadows here. Awesome shot!

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