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Posted by Jackie on June 17, 2010


This is another one taken from Queen’s Park, the same day as yesterday’s picture. I was really pleased with this one.

[OK, that’s me back on my break now. I think photography opportunities are going to be few and far between over the next couple of months, my thesis is due in September and there are various other things going on so I’m going back in hiding and will hopefully emerge intact soon! Thanks for remembering me and coming to visit the blog again!]

2 Responses to “Contrast”

  1. BillyB said

    Thesis writing can be much more fun (less of a drag) than you imagine; just do a little every day and do get out and about and let your imagination run as wild as possible. Remember you’ve done the work and it’s all your own thoughts. They can’t take that away from you.
    I’ve been there done that and got the medals to show for it.

  2. JAMEs Mark said

    Hi – glad you liked El Piano. I work freelance for a great language and leadership training company, York Associated, and sometimes accompany clients to lunch. I’m always glad to take them here.

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