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Posted by Jackie on July 19, 2010


This is a close-up of a demolition of some more of Glasgow’s high-rise flats. A couple of years ago I showed photos from Stirlingfauld Place, which was blown up in a few seconds. These ones are the Broomloan flats in Ibrox, just over the road from the Rangers stadium. There were three blocks, but they are not being blown up, presumably because they are so close to a railway line, motorway (the M77) and a petrol station. Instead there are a couple of cranes with long arms and cutting gear which are tearing them apart bit by bit. Of the 3, one has already been levelled, this one is the second (this picture was taken a week and a half ago when it was just under half-way demolished, I expect it is nearly there by now), and there’s one more to go.

I was surprised at how flimsy the block looks once those cranes have been tearing away at the front of them. They’re so solid looking when they’re standing there, but this makes them look like they’re made from nothing more substantial than cardboard.

5 Responses to “Cubicles?”

  1. Lara said

    I cannot comment on your previous pictures anymore :(. anyways, I wanted to say that your contrast photo is gorgeous! as for this one, it’s amazing how small these rooms are…

  2. Hilda said

    It’s the pastel colors that caught my attention. I wonder what they’ll be building next.

  3. Wayne said

    For some reason I’ve missed a few of the recent photos. Almost certainly due to a lack of organization at this end.

    I’m very pleased to see you back at it Jackie,

  4. Jackie said

    @ Lara – sorry about the comments thing, I had to set it to turning comments off after 10 days as I was getting so much comment spam. Glad to see you back though 🙂

    @ Hilda – previous blocks which have been demolished seem to have nothing happen for years – opposite these blocks is a patch of wasteland, and Stirlingfauld Place which was demolished 2 years ago still has nothing going on. Though the plans are pretty grand.

    @ Wayne – thanks very much! I’m afraid I’m still going to be pretty sporadic here, but as I was out and about at the weekend I thought I’d share the results, so there are a couple more pics to come this week before I go back into hiding!

  5. ryan said

    My uncle lived on the 3rd fllor of these for 15 years, when I was a boy I used to watch Rangers training at the Albion below, it was their training ground in the 70’s and early eighties.

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