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Lilybank Gardens

Posted by Jackie on February 24, 2010


[Really hoping I haven’t shown this photo on the blog already!] Lilybank Gardens is a row of tenements owned by Glasgow University and housing various departments – including mine (though my office, on the rare occasions now I’m back at uni, is not here but up the hill a bit).

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Posted by Jackie on February 23, 2010


Here’s a bit of an entrance way which is worked into the fabric of the modern building of the Burrell Collection.

I’ve not been to the Burrell for a while – we ought to go again soon, it’s so near home it’s criminal not to visit more!

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Final week – for now

Posted by Jackie on February 22, 2010


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged here, and to be honest I’ve run out of steam a bit. I’ve decided to give the blog a bit of a break, as I have so much going on I don’t have time really to take pictures, update this blog or visit other blogs, so it’s starting to become a bit of a source of stress. I’ve dug out 7 photos from ages and ages ago to finish up, although I won’t be closing the blog completely – if things calm down and I take more pictures then I’ll carry on adding them, but it will be a bit ad hoc for now. So for the time being this will be the final week of the blog, and we’ll see if life calms down a bit later in the year 🙂

This odd photo is from outside Glasgow School of Art, and if I recall correctly is part of the lighting around the building.

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Le Vent du Nord and Breabach

Posted by Jackie on February 5, 2010


The gig I went to see at the Strathclyde Suite was headlined by Quebecois band Le Vent du Nord (‘The North Wind’) who featured here this time last year as I saw them supporting La Bottine Souriante, also at Celtic Connections. The support act was Scottish band Breabach. Actually though in both halves the two bands came and played together – this was taken towards the end of the show, and although not a great photo (I was too far back, this is the least bad photo!) it was a great gig, we thoroughly enjoyed it. They are touring together around Scotland at the moment and Quebec later this year – catch them if you can!

This blog is going to take a wee break-ette – I’ll be back with more photos in mid-Feb! 🙂

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Strathclyde Suite

Posted by Jackie on February 4, 2010


The final Celtic Connections gig I went to was at the Strathclyde Suite, which is upstairs at the Royal Concert Hall. This shows some of the lights before the gig started – I’ll show the band tomorrow.

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The Legendary Gypsy Kings and Queens (2)

Posted by Jackie on February 3, 2010



These two photos feature the other singer who performed as part of the Legendary Gypsy Kings and Queens show, Esma Redzepova from Macedonia. She was actually the reason I wanted to see the show (I saw her perform a few years ago when I was in Sibiu* in Romania), and she certainly didn’t disappoint. However I must say that all the other acts were also so good that even if she hadn’t been performing I would have more than got my money’s worth! What a brilliant night.

* Folks, Sibiu Daily Photo has its final photo tomorrow. It’s been brilliant reliving my few months there – if you’ve not seen it check out a beautiful little city 🙂

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The Legendary Gypsy Kings and Queens (1)

Posted by Jackie on February 2, 2010

IMG_0960 IMG_0961 IMG_0962

IMG_0968 IMG_0969 IMG_0977

Back to Celtic Connections, and a show at the Royal Concert Hall called “The Legendary Gypsy Kings and Queens”. This featured 2 house bands (Kaloome from France and Mahala Rai Banda from Romania) who were both amazing, and a number of singers and dancers. These pictures show the bands with singers Florentina Sandu from Romania and Jony Iliev from Bulgaria, and dancers Aurela Sandu and Tantzica Ionita.

(click on any of the pictures for a larger version)

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Posted by Jackie on February 1, 2010


Today is theme day among the City Daily Photo Blogs, and the theme this month is Wood. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to take an appropriate themed photo, and looking through my old pics all the wood-related ones have already been used on this blog. So instead I’m sneaking in another picture of the lights around the GoMA (any excuse!).

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Posted by Jackie on January 31, 2010


A quick break from Celtic Connections photos – although I did take this whilst on my way to the Fruitmarket. This is of course the area round the side and back of the Gallery of Modern Art, and one of my favourite Glasgow views. This is the most magical space, I just love standing underneath these lights.

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Balkanarama (3)

Posted by Jackie on January 30, 2010

IMG_0942 IMG_0943

IMG_0944 IMG_0950

The top two pictures are a band called Black Cat (from Edinburgh – I’m guessing their name is inspired by the utterly brilliant film Black Cat White Cat) – their MySpace page is here. The bottom two pictures are a band called Besh o droM from Hungary (on MySpace here).

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