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Chambers and Square

Posted by Jackie on January 16, 2010


And here’s the City Chambers and George Square in the snow (are you bored of snow yet?!). Unlike much of the city centre George Square wasn’t all slushy – it was cordoned off as workmen were taking down the Christmas decorations.

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Boxing Day

Posted by Jackie on December 26, 2009


I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are recovering today from the festivities.

I’ll have only sporadic internet access for a while as we go out and about, but magic photos are set up for the next week so nobody need miss their Glasgow photo fix 🙂

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Posted by Jackie on December 25, 2009


I wish all the readers of this blog a peaceful and happy and blessed Christmas. Thank you for visiting throughout the year and leaving so many positive and supportive comments.

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Santa’s on the way

Posted by Jackie on December 24, 2009


He’s nearly here. Of course the big question is whether you’ve been bad or good (be good, for goodness’ sake!).

Here are a couple of the reindeer at the foot of the George Square Christmas tree.

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Watching over the festivities

Posted by Jackie on December 23, 2009


Despite all the frivolity round about, the George Square lions at the war memorial remain as impassive as ever.

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Dinky tree lights

Posted by Jackie on December 22, 2009


Here’s another view of the City Chambers in George Square, I love the tree lights. The little marquee thing in the foreground houses the Nativity Scene – I did take a picture of the Nativity intending it to be my picture here for Christmas Day, but unfortunately because it is behind glass the lights reflected so much in it that it ended up being a not-very-good-at-all picture, so you’ll get something else instead. Anyway, it’s still 3 days to go – enjoy the dinky lights today 🙂

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Scott’s blingy pedestal

Posted by Jackie on December 21, 2009


Here’s another look at the Sir Walter Scott statue and its tasteful red stripy lights. I liked how there were quite a lot of Christmas trees in tubs around the square this year. Sneaking them into photos gave them even more Christmassy je ne sais quoi than usual! 😉

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Posted by Jackie on December 20, 2009


Even the fairground has all the same rides as last year. Last year I showed a photo that I was really proud of taken at night of this ride. Here it is during the day, still dizzying the punters. Back in the day I used to love this sort of thing. These days I’d be wanting to get off about 5 seconds after it started.

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George Square Winterfest

Posted by Jackie on December 19, 2009


I’ll return to Buchanan Street in a few days, but of course no Christmas in central Glasgow would be complete without a look at George Square. The lights are basically the same every year, although it had a slightly less blingy feel this year than last year (though bear in mind this is relative – compared to everywhere else in Glasgow at Christmas, George Square is still like Las Vegas). This picture shows the City Chambers at the far end of the square, Walter Scott’s column lit up in stripy red lights as usual (at least he doesn’t have a giant red neon bow tie like he did the other year) and a bit of the fairground in the foreground.

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Posted by Jackie on June 30, 2009


One of the suggestions for the July theme day was “statues”. As it turns out, that wasn’t chosen as the theme in the end (tune in tomorrow to find out what was!), but before the decision was made I took this picture just in case, and I liked it so thought I would use it anyway. This is in George Square, looking up at Sir Walter Scott on his column and, er, I can’t remember who the other guy is! Will check that out next time I’m passing!

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