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Posted by Jackie on June 11, 2009


This rill is in the Hidden Gardens behind the Tramway Theatre (I featured the gardens a few weeks ago).

My computer woes are ongoing, sadly, we’re still relying on the dongle at home, and yesterday just to add insult to injury my work PC died as well! (luckily for me it was resurrected by the IT dept but it was a bit worrying for a while!). Maybe we should bring back parchment and carrier pigeons! 😀

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Stars in their eyes

Posted by Jackie on May 7, 2009


This is a closer look at the funny gate/sculpture/I-don’t-quite-know-what in the Hidden Gardens. It had coloured flashing lights which must look fantastic when it gets dark. I just had to resist the temptation to imagine tons of dry ice and the urge to walk through it saying “Tonight Matthew I’m going to be …” (for non-UK residents that’s a completely pointless cultural reference – check this out for the reference: Stars in their Eyes.)

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Posted by Jackie on May 6, 2009


Given that this is meant to be a little series on the Hidden Gardens, I’ve focused rather a lot on the architecture! So here’s a taste of the planting – magnolia is one of my favourites. I’m not sure what the bush is in front of it though, but I do seem to have some expert gardeners reading (Linda, Marley, that’s you I’m talking about!) so I’m confident someone will be able to identify it 🙂

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Posted by Jackie on May 3, 2009


As well as the planting, the garden also incorporates some of the features from the time as a tram depot. Most noticeable is this tower, which is part of the depot’s own little electricity substation.

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Hidden Gardens

Posted by Jackie on May 2, 2009


Yesterday’s shadow photo, and my photo today and for the next few days, come from the Hidden Gardens. This fantastic little place is in the Pollokshields area of the south side of Glasgow, at the back of the Tramway Theatre. You can see the theatre building in the background of this photo behind the bizarre sculpture gate/installation/thingy. As its name suggests it used to be the home of Glasgow’s trams (long since disappeared) – firstly as a humble tram shed, later as the city’s main tram terminus. In the 1960s following the demise of the trams the building housed Glasgow’s Transport Museum, but that moved to the West End in the mid-1980s. It then lay empty for a while and faced demolition, but in preparation for Glasgow’s year of being European City of Culture (in 1990) it became a space for contemporary visual art (if you click on the History link on the Tramway site it gives all this info in much more detail).

In 2003 the Hidden Gardens were opened, and have become an extension of the Tramway’s use of space. It is meant to “celebrate the diversity of nature and humanity”, and in a relatively small area I think it does a pretty good job of that! Last Saturday, when we actually saw some sun, there were lots of people out enjoying the space – it’s a great calm little spot for an hour or two out with friends or somewhere to take the kids to work off a bit of energy. And yet walking past it from the street you might not even know it was there, as it’s hardly visible from the road or the railway that runs behind it.

Some of the planting, like in this photo, is in raised beds. There is also a sunken garden and other different areas, plus an area of grass for sitting or running around. I really like it, and should go more often (especially as it’s so close!).

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