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Posted by Jackie on February 1, 2010


Today is theme day among the City Daily Photo Blogs, and the theme this month is Wood. Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to take an appropriate themed photo, and looking through my old pics all the wood-related ones have already been used on this blog. So instead I’m sneaking in another picture of the lights around the GoMA (any excuse!).

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Posted by Jackie on January 31, 2010


A quick break from Celtic Connections photos – although I did take this whilst on my way to the Fruitmarket. This is of course the area round the side and back of the Gallery of Modern Art, and one of my favourite Glasgow views. This is the most magical space, I just love standing underneath these lights.

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Ribbons and bows

Posted by Jackie on December 27, 2009



Back to Buchanan Street, here are some of the lights.

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Dinky tree lights

Posted by Jackie on December 22, 2009


Here’s another view of the City Chambers in George Square, I love the tree lights. The little marquee thing in the foreground houses the Nativity Scene – I did take a picture of the Nativity intending it to be my picture here for Christmas Day, but unfortunately because it is behind glass the lights reflected so much in it that it ended up being a not-very-good-at-all picture, so you’ll get something else instead. Anyway, it’s still 3 days to go – enjoy the dinky lights today 🙂

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Princes Square peacock

Posted by Jackie on December 15, 2009


The peacock is above the Princes Square shopping arcade all year round, but the giant snowflakes are seasonal!

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Green light

Posted by Jackie on October 5, 2009


Apologies for my absence from the City Daily Photo Blogs for the last few days. Work got a bit on top of me, and I’ve probably only taken about 2 pictures in the last month. Work’s still on top of me, but I need some procrastination time so I’m lining up a few more pictures for this week 🙂

This weird and wonderful thing looks like it could be from a Dr Who set, but is in fact one of the many futuristic lights which light up (and presumably heat up) the Kibble Palace glasshouse at the Botanic Gardens.

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Clyde lights

Posted by Jackie on September 7, 2009


This is from one of the older footbridges over the Clyde (if you check out my first ever theme day photo, Dec 1st 2007, you’ll see a view of the footbridge lit up).

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The Clyde by night

Posted by Jackie on April 15, 2009


This was taken a few months ago from a moving bus, hence it’s a bit wobbly – this is the view from the M8 bridge looking towards the city centre.

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Evening lights

Posted by Jackie on February 23, 2009


I took this picture less than a month ago, at around 5.30 in the evening. Now I’d have to wait quite a while longer for it to be dark enough to look like this – I think spring might be on the way, and about time too! (and this year please can it last longer than 5 minutes? Thanks so much!).

As you all know by now, this is the fabulous ceiling of lights that surrounds 3 sides of the Gallery of Modern Art.

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