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Victoria Infirmary sculpture

Posted by Jackie on October 18, 2009


The New Victoria Infirmary is on the junction of quite a few busy roads, but they have still managed to create a bit of chilling-out space. I’m not sure how relaxing it would be to sit here with all the cars and buses and whathaveyou thundering past, but it looks peaceful anyway!

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Three Squares Gyratory

Posted by Jackie on March 24, 2009


This sculpture, created in 1972 by George Rickey, is called “Three Squares Gyratory”. The three squares move round and rotate in the wind, it’s really quite eery! I’ve shown this before, ages ago, but I think this is a better photo than the last one I showed.

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January 2009 Theme Day – Best Shot of 2008

Posted by Jackie on January 1, 2009


As it is January 1st, it must be another Theme Day! This time it is our best photo from 2008. Some people are quite creative about this one – reshooting one they really liked, or posting someone else’s photo from another daily photo blog, or running a competition so that the January 1st photo is the community’s favourite, or putting up a never-before-seen photo that they’d been saving for the occasion. Me, I’ve shown this photo before, but as I put it on the blog on a Saturday and I seem to have fewer visitors at weekends, I thought I’d give it another airing as I really like it and would like some more people to see it. It’s a large sculpture called “Tools for the Shaman” by Jake Harvey, and can be found in the little hidden sculpture garden round the back of the library at Glasgow University.

I’m away for a few days for the New Year, so won’t be able to respond to comments till next week. Thank you though for visiting and commenting, and I wish you all a very happy 2009!

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